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Our workshops and entry are priced in Aus dollars and are subject to change. Prices include GST if applicable unless otherwise marked. An invoice/receipt will be automatically emailed to you upon completed purchase for online bookings only.

Hardcopy of programs and PDF versions may not be up to date. If conflicting information is found, please contact us for the most recent scheduling and pricing.

Please take note of materials required for workshops. With our large variety, some classes includes all materials while with others, you might have to bring in some of your own supplies.

Terms and Conditions

You can enrol online, in our cafe or via phone. You can direct any questions to Mug ‘n Brush directly, or feel free to contact our tutors directly via their Facebook pages. Please not that our tutors are not authorised to amend any bookings, or arrange any additional classes.

Full payment of the workshop is required to confirm your enrolment & is required PRIOR to the workshop. You can pay online (Humanitix or Paypal), or over the phone with Visa, MasterCard, or with cash during business hours.

Mug ‘n Brush reserves the right to amend any class, tutor or schedule. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to provide a substitute class or tutor of equal standing. If we need to cancel a class due to insufficient enrolments, any student enrolled in that class will be contacted and a refund will be arranged. Enrolment is dependent on availability. Minimum enrolments are required for all courses.

Mug ‘n Brush reserves the right to refuse enrolment without explanation and a refund will be processed in those circumstances.

There are no child minding facilities available at our café, playground and studio. Mug ‘n Brush accepts no responsibility for children before or after classes. Parents/legal guardians are required to remain in the cafe during class times.

If you are enrolled in a term program & your class fall on a public holiday, you will be advised of a replacement class date.

Mug ‘n Brush endeavours to provide a safe & enjoyable environment for all our workshop participants. If a student makes any racial comment or act in a derogatory manner, the student’s behaviour will be addressed, and it could lead to them being asked to leave the class in order to preserve a friendly, relaxed and comfortable space for other attendees.

While we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable space, workshops are taken at own risk and by accepting these terms and conditions, you free Mug ‘n Brush from any legal responsibility that may arise from attending our cafe or workshops.

Refund Policy

Please choose carefully as fees are non-refundable. Refunds of course fees will only be given if the course is cancelled or a place is not available in the course. Full payment must be made prior to commencement of the course. Mug ‘n Brush cannot accept responsibility for changes to students’ personal circumstances that prevent attendance nor for cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control. Classes missed are the student’s responsibility and are non-refundable. Students are not entitled to a discount or ‘make-up’ class if they miss a class in any course they have enrolled in. This is because the venue and the tutor have been booked and supplies have been bought for your ticket.

Covid Policy 
If you have unfortunately been affected directly by covid either by contracting it or having to isolate, please let us know immediately and we will send a credit for whoever is Covid affected to attend a future workshops, provided we received notice minimum 5 days before your event. This is only valid until the 14th October when the isolation period ends. This is because the venue and the tutor have been booked and supplies have been bought for your ticket. 

In the event that we enter another lockdown or encounter an outbreak , we will follow health advise and postpone workshops if required to. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled workshops, we will offer a credit to attend future workshops. 


From time to time we take photos during class of students and artworks. These photos are used for Mug ‘n Brush’s promotional purposes only including online and print. As a Condition of Enrolment your consent is implied. Should you not wish us to take and use photos of you, your child or your artwork please notify us in writing prior to the class.

Work Health & Safety

Covered shoes must be worn in all studios. No open-toed footwear is allowed in studios. Mug ‘n Brush, in compliance to WA’s Work Health & Safety Act, is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, tutors, students, hirers and visitors.

Participants and their cares need to take personal care when working with tools and art materials. Nothing is to be consumed other than food and drink ordered from the kitchen. Particular care is to be taken when handling sharp art tools such as precision knives, scissors or cutting devices. If you are concerned with using any materials and tools, please ask your tutor and we can provide additional instructions or provide gloves for your convenience.

You understand that by accessing and participating any event, workshop, kits, DIY activities or classes presented at or by Mug ‘n Brush you agree to these terms and conditions.


Any use of the studio/café space or participation in/on Classes or equipment, including any use of machinery and equipment provided at Mug ‘n Brush is at your own risk. You must read all signs and follow all directions given by us or people authorised by us. You acknowledge the risk warning set out below.

We exclude all liability to you to the maximum extent permitted by law, including for negligence and whether the loss or damage has occurred to person or property. Where that liability cannot be excluded, we limit our liability to you to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You acknowledge that in certain circumstances the services we provide to you may be ‘Recreational Services’ and you may engage in ‘Recreational Activities in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability to you for:
death; physical or mental injury (including the aggravation, acceleration or recurrence of such an injury); the contraction, aggravation or acceleration of a disease; the coming into existence, aggravation, acceleration or recurrence of any other condition, circumstance, occurrence, activity, form of behaviour, course of conduct or state of affairs in relation to an individual that:
is or may be harmful or disadvantageous to the individual or community; or
may result in harm or disadvantage to the individual or community, arising out of a failure by us to comply with any consumer guarantees applying to the Recreational Services or Recreational Activities.

Without limiting the provisions of paragraphs above, we are not responsible for:
any damage, loss or theft incurred to personal property and/or equipment that you bring into our café, studio or other location, or generate/create in any area of the café, studio or other location; or any bodily injuries or damages that you may sustain as a result of:
participating in any Classes or workshops; or creating any project in the café or other space, including any machinery or equipment.




You must not use the Space, including any equipment or machinery, or attend Classes if you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and must not bring alcohol or illegal drugs into our apace under any circumstance. A breach of this requirement will result in your removal from the café or workshop/class.

Alcohol may only be consumed in the Cafe as part of an event held or approved in writing by us.

You must complete all required courses, training, inductions or other approvals before using any specialised equipment or machinery made available during workshops& events and comply with all relevant user requirements. If a course is necessary, your tutor will advise you.

You must use appropriate protective equipment when using the studio and attending Classes, including when using equipment or machinery. This may include appropriate footwear, clothing, gloves, goggles or hearing protection, among other things.

You understand that all storage of personal property, either brought in from outside or created at the cafe or in Classes, is your exclusive responsibility, and that said storage is subject to approval by us at our absolute discretion.

You acknowledge that we retain the right to revoke membership and admission to the studio & workshops at any time at our absolute discretion and with no refund.