Our main structure has some interesting dinosaurs friends to explore. - Mug 'n Brush - Mug 'n Brush
Play and look at our dinosaurs. - Mug 'n Brush - Mug 'n Brush
Mug n Brush - Mug 'n Brush - Mug 'n Brush

Indoor Playground

Get ready for some fun and let the kids burn off some energy in Rockingham ‘s indoor playground!

Suited for 0 – 12 years with 3 areas!

0 – 24 months area, 3 to 4 years area and
our big section for any ages. If your little one is brave enough to go on the big structure, then they are welcome to go for it! 

Come and have a look a our resident dinosaurs, guaranteed to spark your little one’s imagination!
Our space is perfect for getting some exercise in, develop some fine motor skills, socialise with new people + make friends and test their bravery by going down our purple slide! As a bonus, you can get creative here with one of our fun art activities too

Our main play structure is suitable for ages 4-12 years (or younger with parents help) and we have 2 smaller areas is suited for the little ones! Our toddler area is fitted with a small ball pit, some imaginative play equipment and soft play toys.

No bookings are taken for individuals or groups under 10 people. We recommend giving us a quick call  30 mins before you head over so that we can advise you of our occupancy at such time

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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 - Mug 'n Brush - Mug 'n Brush
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Our play structure in Rockingham has many slides and climbing space and goes all the way up to about 7-8m - Mug 'n Brush - Mug 'n Brush
There are many tunnels to explore. - Mug 'n Brush - Mug 'n Brush