Play Rules

  • Play and the use of our centre & our equipment, or participation in any services or activities that we provide, is entirely AT OWN RISK
  • Parents and carers are responsible for watching and supervising their kids at all times
  • Our little kids areas is to be used for ages 0 to Under 3 years and 3-4 years only. Our toys are designed for this age group and any older kids are not allowed, no exceptions. NO TOYS are to be taken out of these areas into the general play area. Supervisors should be 16yrs +
  • Wearing socks is mandatory for kids and adults when in our centre, regardless of whether you play on the equipment or not. If you do not want to wear socks or if your children do not want to wear them while playing, you will be asked to exit the play section. Having a healthy playground for everyone is particularly important to us as this is a shared space and we need to respect and be considerate to each other. No shoes on the playground or in the little kids areas.
  • No loose or hanging accessories allowed when using the Play section.
  • Please do not use our equipment if you or your children have any flu like symptoms e.g. runny nose, coughs etc.
  • No toys, food, drinks, rides or balls are to be taken onto the main structure.
  • As we operate and have our own café instore, no outside food or drinks are allowed except for a birthday cake (with booked parties).
  • DIY party hosts/parent are responsible for the cleaning of their party space. If not reasonably cleaned, a cleaning fee will apply.
  • Mug ‘n Brush is not responsible for the behaviour of children.
  • Please do not climb on the netting or outside equipment/structure.
  • One person at a time can go down the slides. Mug ‘n Brush does not supervise slides and it is parents’ responsibility to ensure the equipment is used in a safe manner.
  • Mug ‘n Brush do not accept any responsibility for injuries or will it entertain any claims for damages or injuries resulting from the use of our equipment or services.
  • Please report any accident or injury to a member of our trained staff immediately.
  • Only caregivers older than 16 can supervise children.
  • The playground is suitable for kids up to 12 years only.
  • Mug ‘n Brush is committed to provide a safe and healthy play space, the responsibility for the use of the play structures and the health and safety for children still remain with their parents or caregivers.
  • Food Allergies
    Our centre is not an allergy free space and our menu items may include peanuts, eggs, milk, dairy, fish and a range of nuts. Always notify a staff member if you are severely allergic and ensure you have received the correct food before consuming it